Ngai Tamawhariua

This project is undertaking targeted pest control which aims to restore the plants, birds, bats and insects in the forest and thus the mauri in the southern section of the Kaimai Ranges Forest, namely in the Aongatete area.

The Vision of Ngai Tamawhariua Ki Te Rereatukahia Hapu is to restore the sustainability of their ngahere for the benefits of all current and future generations to appreciate the natural beauty of the ngahere and all that lies within it. Restoring the mauri of the forest to maintain a healthy and functioning forest ecosystem, will at a minimum require controlling possums, rats, mustelids and cats to low levels. Successful animal pest control will require investment in infrastructure including marked and cut tracks, traps and bait stations, a work-base and an operation base.

Ngai Tamawhariua
  • Track Lines

    Mark and cut track lines over an approximately 500 ha block of land in the Kaimai Ranges as per project map below.

  • Maintaining Traps

    Deploy traps and bait stations over an approximately 500 ha block of land in the Kaimai Ranges as per project map below.

  • Pest Control

    Undertake ground-based pest control controlling possums, rats and stoats to levels that allow biodiversity values to increase while using best practice techniques.

  • Education and Engagement

    Hosting wananga to promote kaitiakitanga to our hapū that will increase the overall understanding and engagement of our whānau.

  • Data

    Input all operational data into a data management system supplied and supported by the Manaaki Kaimai Mamaku Trust.

Conservation outcomes in Year One

Establish a ground control network which includes all tracks cut, marked and bait station network installed for management of possums and stoats over a 500 ha area as per the above map, reducing possum, rats and stoats using best practice methods to levels that enable biodiversity values to be restored.

Project Area

pa - ngai tamawhariua

Our Future

Training Completed

  • Geographic Information Systems Training
  • SaferMe App
  • Kauri Dieback Training
  • Myrtle Rust Training
  • Outdoor First-Aid
  • VTA-Certified Handlers Training
  • Bushcraft Training Outdoor Training NZ
  • NZ Auto traps Introduction Training
  • Xero Training
  • Māori Trustee Training
  • Supervision Kaumatua Training
  • Tikanga Practice Training
  • Te Reo
  • Introductory Field Training
  • Cultural Monitoring Workplace First-Aid