Ngāti Tumutumu

Ngati Tumutumu’s current conservation efforts are based around removing pest plants from the western side of Mt Te Aroha and the on-going management and maintenance of these. Our long-term goal is to restore the ngahere to what it previously was, with a flourishing native plant and bird life. This conservation project is based on the western face of Mt Te Aroha and includes the walking tracks south towards Wairongomai Valley and across the summit.

Te Aroha maunga is sacred to not only the people of Ngati Tumutumu but many surrounding iwi as well. The maunga is obviously an important part of the community as a whole and we feel this is important that we acknowledge this in the work that we do. Also being able to provide an opportunity for whanau to return home and work on the maunga is hugely important to us. This chance to have a lasting impact on the ngahere is not lost on us and we want to be able to create something sustainable for all our future generations.

Operational Work

  • Pest Plant Surveillance

    Undertaking pest plant surveillance from Te Aroha to Waiorongomai

  • Pest Plant Control

    Undertake ground-based control of pest plants within the project area including, but not limited to the following species:

    1. Wild Ginger
    2. Ivy
    3. Climbing Asparagus
    4. Japanese Honeysuckle
    5. Tradescantia
    6. Wilding Pines

  • Education and Engagement

    Engaging with our wider whanau educating about pest plant control and management.