The Kaimai Mamaku thrives; hence we thrive.

Manaaki Kaimai Mamaku (MKM) is a co-governed, purpose driven, charitable trust harnessing the power of collective action and shared knowledge to restore the mauri of the Kaimai Mamaku.

MKM has evolved from decades of mahi and discussions between agencies, stakeholder groups, iwi-hapū and community. That history, and the dedication and contribution of so many people, forms the basis of the work today. Read the full whakapapa here.

The mahi

  • Assurance partner

    For projects and funders, MKM is your assurance partner. We help projects upskill in project management, funding applications, budget management and more.

    The trust currently manages more than $20m of funding across 12 iwi-hapū led projects.

  • Knowledge sharing

    MKM upholds respectful, inclusive and equitable collaboration, affirming the importance of mātauranga and science.

  • Collective action

    MKM brings together community groups, iwi-hapū, agencies and stakeholders from across the 300,000 hectare project area with the Kaimai Mamaku Restoration Project website and an interactive GIS map.

The Kaimai Mamaku Restoration Project

The Kaimai Mamaku is 300,000+ hectares - simply too much for one person or organisation. MKM brings together all projects, agencies, stakeholders and communities around the rohe.

One of Manaaki Kaimai Mamaku's main workstreams is to provide wrap-around support to 12 iwi and hapū led conservation projects including budget management, work plans, pest animal/plant control operations along with specialist advisors in health and safety, communications and engagement, GIS data capture and monitoring (e.g. pest and biodiversity.

These iwi and hapū lead projects are the red polygons in the interactive GIS map below. The white polygons indicate all other community projects.


The Manaaki Kaimai Mamaku Trust is co-governed, with six Māori trustees and five community trustees who represent the Kaimai Mamaku stakeholders forum, the Māori caucus of the forum, Ngā Iwi Tōpū and the community.

There are four in-office support staff along with Pa Ropata as the Trust's patron and around 95 in-field kaimahi.

Find out more about the Manaaki Kaimai Mamaku tīma here.

Some of the Manaaki Kaimai Mamaku Trust team and trustees