About the Kaimai Mamaku Kiwi Survey

Kiwi have been spotted, heard, and their footprints found!

We need your help to confirm more sightings, footprints, and calls from these elusive and fascinating creatures. And the best part? You don't need much at all to participate.

It's simple, really. Find a quiet spot in the Kaimai Mamaku, settle in, and listen to the symphony of sounds in the forest.

By identifying different sounds and recording your observations, you can help us gather invaluable data about the kiwi population in the area.

Don't worry if you're not an expert in bird calls – we've got you covered with some helpful resources to get you started.

So why not book one or multiple afternoons from Saturday, May 13 to Sunday, May 28 and join us in this exciting adventure?

Kiwi Sightings Map

How to Kiwi Survey

  • 1. Refresh your skills listening to calls of kiwi on sources such as our online Survey Form, NZ Birds Online below.

  • 2. Stay on the tracks to keep yourself and kauri safe (by preventing the spread of kauri dieback). A listening site away from noise will guarantee best results.

  • 3. Start your listening period no earlier than 30mins after local sunset.

  • 4. Listen for a 2-hour period to hear kiwi and other forest noise. Add up the number of calls heard and make your best estimate of what you heard calling.

  • 5. Record your location.

  • 6. Please refrain from making any calls or sounds that'll disrupt the natural habitat of the forest and kiwi.

  • 7. Enter your results to the survey from!

Call To Action!

Start you Kiwi Journey now! Listen to various call and record your Kiwi Survey Observations here.