On 18th October 2022, approx. 30 stakeholders from across the rohe gathered The Orchard, Te Puke, to discuss solutions for the lack of visibility, community support and long term funding for the Kaimai Mamaku.

To open the event Pa Ropata shared a kōrero about the collective vision we share for the health and wellbeing of the Kaimai Mamaku.

Below you'll find a recap of the event with the opportunity to give your own thoughts and feedback.

Lack of visibility

What do we need to do to increase the overall visibility of the Kaimai Mamkau and snapshotting them for everyone?

We know there is a lot of conservation activity happening, but are we all aware of each other? We know there are plenty of tracks in the Kaimai Mamaku, but is our community aware of them? We know there is biodiversity loss, but are we aware of the taonga species we are protecting?

lack of visibility

Ideas and solutions that were discussed

  • An iconic map

    Creating a Kaimai Mamaku Map dedicated to the community with beautiful graphics that highlights each walk, gems and species throughout the Kaimai, Hutts etc. Alongside this; find funding to promote the map and get it out to the public for free!

  • International challenge hosted in the Kaimai

    Creating an annual national or International event in the Kaimai such as Iron Man or Man Vs. Wild type challenge, big prizes, different divisions, great marketing etc.

  • Social media

    Creating tiktok, instagram, facebook videos that showcase all of the gems within the Kaimai and working with kiwi or international influencers to promote the videos.

  • Core branding

    Create an overarching Kaimai Mamaku Brand to draw in funding or accept donations on behalf of the Kaimai and allocate it to showcasing the Kaimai Mamaku, its needs, what’s being done, how to get involved, and more to the community AND giving back to conservation projects in the Kaimai Mamaku.

  • Whānau activities

    Highlighting family walking tracks; and creating rock hunts every school holiday!

  • Regenerative tourism

    Regenerative tourism i.e Rotorua Canopy Tours.

  • Annual art exhibiton

    Art exhibition and/or annual photography competition.

  • Whakawhānaungatanga

  • Sharing data

    Removing barriers of knowledge sharing, content sharing, GIS data between groups.

  • Creative story telling

    Capturing “what was”... “what is” and “what will be” of the Kaimai Mamaku through a creative lens.

  • Increasing international and domestic tourism

    Partnering more with Tourism New Zealand, to have the Kaimai Mamaku showcased more there and/or an Air NZ safety video.

  • Local magazines

    Local print magazine features of the Kaimai Mamaku.

How can we increase the overall visibility of the Kaimai Mamaku?

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Community support

How do we raise community awareness and support for the Kaimai Mamaku?

We looked at how to enable the community to support the Kaimai Mamaku, and how stakeholders can support the community to get involved!

When the Kaimai Mamaku thrives, we thrive.

community support

Ideas and solutions that were discussed

  • Interest groups

    Dissect the community into interest groups and prepare a target plan and key messages for each audience (hunters, schools, parents, conservationist etc.)

  • Annual Kaimai Mamaku Awards

    Annual ‘Kaimai Mamaku Awards’ event that acknowledges individuals, schools, projects, volunteers and brings everyone together for an amazing night to celebrate the hard work of our community. Would need to go through a nomination process and a key committee to select award winners.

  • Supporting volunteers

    Creating more opportunities for volunteer training.

  • Inspirational messaging

    Working with influencers to promote needed messages in an inspirational/achievable way, rather than crisis way.

  • Promote heaalth and wellbeing benefits of nature

    Promoting the benefits of spending time in nature; to increase the connection our community feels with te Taiao.

  • Showcase the change

    Show how we are making a difference, before and after shots, species returned, bird number increase etc.

  • TV Series on the Kaimai Mamaku

    Documentary or TV series on the people, places and life of the Kaimai Mamaku.

  • Providing the option for koha/donations

    QR Signage at the start of each track to enable track users an easy way to donate and give a koha towards the conservation of the Kaimai Mamaku.

  • 'Love the Mamaku' slogan

    “LOVE THE MAMAKU” as a key slogan/hashtag/public day for the Kaimai.

  • School competitions

    Youth Forum or school competition that includes schools from every region the Kaimai inhabits, led by students from each of the participating schools.

How can we increase community support and awareness of the Kaimai Mamaku?

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Long term funding

We explored the sustainability of funding for the restoration of the Kaimai Mamaku.

long term funding

Solutions Summary | Long Term Funding

  • Sponsor a trap

    Sponsorship of traps by local organisations and businesses.

  • Capturing the change

    Allowing people/organisations who have made donations to see where their koha/donation is going (Before and after photos)

  • Carbon credit scheme

    Create a carbon credits scheme for neighbouring farms across the Kaimai Mamaku which can be donated to the restoration projects.

  • Conservation tours

    Conservation tours that take tourists through areas of the Kaimai Mamaku to learn about the different conservation work that is happening.

  • A "great walk"

    Building a Great Walk throughout the Kaimai Mamaku that is co-inhabitant with hunting.

  • Making the Kaimai Mamaku a National Park

    Making the Kaimai Mamaku a National park and offering a National Park pass for visitors and international tourists to explore the Kaimai Mamaku (huts, tour guides)

  • Measurable donations

    Identifying measurable goals and outcomes to the public so people can understand how they’re helping. ($2 can save 4 birds etc.)

  • Mountain bike park

    Develop a high quality mountain bike park in the Kaimai Mamaku.

  • Applying for funding

    Apply for funding through companies like Bay Trust, TECT, Trust Waikato, MSD, MPI etc.

  • Other funding streams

    Build a connection with other funding streams e.g. stream & wetland restorations.

  • Collaboration with other projects

    Form a collaboration with other BOP/Waikato Job for Nature projects to seek funding.

  • Forestry support

    Get forestry companies on board to donate to different projects relative to the area.

  • Tourism campaign

    Create a tourism campaign with Tourism Bay of Plenty.

  • Collaborating with kiwi brands

    Attaching the Kaimai Mamaku to a kiwi brand to draw awareness e.g. Whittaker’s, Mainland, Tip Top.

How can we ensure sustainable long-term funding for restoration of the Kaimai Mamaku?

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