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Do you know an artist?! Let them know we're on the hunt for pieces that tie into conservation. Perhaps they want to create a piece? Or they could have one already made? Let them know we want it on display! (there's always the potential it could be sold aswell). Nau mai hoki mai! Let your whānau and friends know!

In conjunction with Te Papa Atawhai Department of Conservation, the Incubator are calling for submissions for a curated art exhibition to be held at Historic Village from Friday 16 June to Monday 24 July. Despite submissions being due by 31st March please don't let this stop you! Get a hold of us and we will try to make it work.

Lament of the Huia

The Last Feather was an original production from the students and teachers of Tauranga Intermediate School, presented in August 3/4, 2021 at Baycourt Community and Arts Centre. It tells the story of the extinction of the huia and Aotearoa's lost taonga. The huia once flourished in the forests of Aotearoa, now only one feather remains. A grandfather tells the story to his mokopuna of how the path of two families, one bird and one human, intertwined and eventually resulted in the decimation of the magnificent Huia.

The Last Feather is a symbol of how the foolishness and greed of people led to the extinction of the huia and the destruction of habitat. The production includes original songs and score, choreography, script, and artwork all beautifully combined into a stunning production that tears at the heartstrings. Below are two evocative songs from the production that remind us that our biodiversity is irreplaceable, the loss of species is irreversible. The Kaimai Mamaku has experienced local extinctions of species such as whio/blue duck, weka, and tieke/saddleback. But unlike the extinct huia, we can work towards bringing these species back so they can once again thrive. Our sincere thanks to Carole Storey and Tauranga Intermediate School for permission to display the videos.

Dear Papa

Kowhai and The Giants

Winner of the 2021 Best Picture Book and Best First Book Awards - NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults

Kōwhai first appeared from the golden glow of a beautiful flower…. and her voice was the rain and the sea and the cry of a bird. Kōwhai and the Giants tells the story of a tiny being who has lived in a forest of giants for thousands of years, when the giants are taken by the new arrivals this tiny being calls out for help.

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